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Notes from the Field

The Layers of Life

I love this creative writing exercise about the Love and Layers of Life. Based on the writing prompts "See the beauty in all things and you become that beauty" and "Life is about ..."

Patient participation:

Life is about Love

To love is to be kind

Kindness inspires Life

Life teaches Love

Love grows Kindness

Kindness requires Love

Love blesses Life

Life loves Kindess

Time before us, Time past

All that remains is Love that will last

Opening the Heart expresses Love

Love makes you kind

Time passing is Life - only Love remains.

The Layers of Life

Layers of Beauty ... the magnificent creation of nature, the macro and micro COSM of LIfe ... the vastness of ocean and mountain and sky, the infintesimal beauty of a flower, a grain of sand, an individual cell.

Layers of Love ... love grows as we experience kindness. Love grows as we hold another's hand. Love's threads are woven into the tapestry of our lives by the people who touch us ... our open hearts receive the love of another and God.

Layers of Experience ... life throws experiences at us. Some curve balls like cancer ... like loss. Loss of a loved one, loss of precious treasures. Experiences of joy and delight and laughter ... compassion recovers these treasures.

Layers of Learning ... how different I react to situations today! The past is the past, no chance to re-do past reactions ... only build on the layers of learning and react each day with more love and kindness.