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Notes from the Field

The Layers of Life Visual Storytelling

This creative writing exercise became a visual storytelling project, called assemblage, by using pieces of wood, various handmade papers and images. Based on the writing prompts "See the beauty in all things and you become that beauty" and "Life is about ..."

I have coordinated participant words with their assemblage pieces so you can see how the images tell their story.

The river flows

The spring drops over the rocks and stones

And spills into the pool below.

Little yellow flowers burst open by

The side of the stream.

A blue sky above,

White cumulous clouds float gently by.

Take a walk beside the stream.

Sit down.

Listen to the birds, the water, the wind.

Close your eyes and become part of the beauty

that surrounds you.

You are a part of that peaceful scene,

You are a part of the beauty.

You are beauty experiencing itself.


Life is about beauty of the heart.

Life is about doing the impossible.

Life is about being strong and staying strong.

Life is about giving out smiles.

In the beauty of the heart, you give unconditional love. Doing the impossible: continue your personal fight - never give up! Being strong and staying strong: go the extra mile! Giving out smiles: hand out free smiles to strangers, might be what they need: to know that someone cares. Life is about seeing the beauty. Heart, Impossible, Strength, Smiles.


As I see the beauty of each day, 

waking to the light and the birds chirping,

I create an open heart that receives

the earthy, Godly messages of all things pure,

by reaching down into my soul's reservoir of images

that feed me and transform my essence into that light.

The Light of Life, the Light of God, the Light of Love, the Light of Beauty.