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Notes from the Field

Create to Lead: Leadership from the Heart

The following principles of leadership come from my decade-long work with cancer and chronic pain patients, healthcare providers and domestic violence survivors. Those facing serious illness and adversity can often teach us the most.

Alchemy: A leader is like an alchemist, who changes leaded situations into gold.

Chaos: From chaos, great things can be achieved.

Courage: It takes great courage to be who you are.

Creativity: Creativity only knows how to create.

Genius: When belief and knowing occur together, you've found the genius in you.

Humanity: Business of healthcare is personal ... and can allow for honor and human dignity.

Mentoring: Sharing is mentoring, mentoring is leadership.

Strength: The truth is real strength.

Power: The struggle for power only leads to battle - real power is Trust of Self.

Conscious Communication: Conscious communication is one of the greatest gifts you can give to others.

Over the course of several weeks, I will examine these in greater detail, offering insight from my Create to Heal Practice.

Patricia Varga is the founder and CEO of The Women with Wings Foundation and author of Create to Heal, A Pathway to Insight, A Journey to Peace, mindfulness app and teaching program.