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Field Notes

Notes from the Field

The Layers of Life Visual Storytelling

This creative writing exercise became a visual storytelling project, called assemblage, by using pieces of wood, various handmade papers and images. Based on the writing prompts "See the beauty in all things and you become that beauty" and "Life is about ..."

I have coordinated participant words with their assemblage pieces so you can see how the images tell their story.

The river flows

The spring drops over the rocks and stones

And spills into the pool below.

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Notes from the Field

Create to Lead: Leadership from the Heart

The following principles of leadership come from my decade-long work with cancer and chronic pain patients, healthcare providers and domestic violence survivors. Those facing serious illness and adversity can often teach us the most.

Alchemy: A leader is like an alchemist, who changes leaded situations into gold.

Chaos: From chaos, great things can be achieved.

Courage: It takes great courage to be who you are.

Creativity: Creativity only knows how to create.

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Notes from the Field

Why Men Die Earlier than Women

I recently attended the AIHM (American Integrative Health and Medicine) Conference in San Diego, CA. Tremendous speakers, tremendous energy and information shared. Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be highlighting research and ideas from prominent doctors, nurses, researchers and health specialists. 

This particular talk was about Men's Health by Myles Spar, MD, MPH. Men need unique messaging from their doctors in order for them to pay attention and respond. Of the top 10 causes of death in the US, men are "winning" in 9 of them; these causes of death are, for the most part, preventable.

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