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Rx: Motion and Exercise

In the sports world, athletes often refer to “zoning” or being in the "zone” when performing at high levels. When “zoning,” they have control of their breath and the chatter of their mind and “play” no longer feeling tired, stressed or in pain. They experience their sport with joy - the love for the game - without worry of winning or losing. Fully aware, they allow their bodies to move with grace and perfection without thinking, without trying.

You don't need to be an Olympic athlete or All American Champion to receive the benefits of simple exercise.

A yoga stretch, taking a walk, cleaning the dishes - a simple routine activity becomes a meditation that takes you beyond your critical mind and ego to a place of peace and calm. The same applies to the creative process. In class, I use the motion of writing to jump start the creative process. The simple act of picking your favorite pen, putting it to paper and scribbing and doodling becomes a form of meditation that connects you to you in a genuine, authentic way.

Take a walk, boost your creativity by 60%.

Exercise and motion - any type of physical activity - increases our endorphins, our mental agility and ability to solve problems. Cancer and disease are problems to solve. As my alma mater Stanford University puts it, walking helps to ideate. In fact, two researchers did an entire study on the positive effect walking has on thinking. For the complete report, click here.