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Rx: Inspirational Messaging

Creative writing, journaling, and poetry are at the core of any Create to Heal practice. I tell patients that putting pen to paper connects them to themselves in a powerful way. The physical act of picking their favorite colored pen or pencil, putting it to paper and scribbling away becomes a meditation that connects them to that place of limitless possibilities where creativity, wisdom and healing can occur.

Robert Frost tells us:

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words."

This is the power of the written and spoken word. Patients put their feelings into words, speak them aloud and discover their own gems of joy. Studies show that, relative to control group participants, individuals who have written about their traumatic experiences exhibit statistically signifiant improvements in various measures of physical health, reduction in physician visits, and better immune system functioning.

I hear from patients that sharing is the best part of class. Because the class is a safe place to create and communicate, patients communicate from the heart. They peel back the layers of their diagnosis, their disease, the truth of their situation and find courage and strength in expressing these emotions finding words. Sharing is compassion and compassion is healing. To really listen to someone is a remarkable gift. Listening honors the person before you. The feeling of being listened to and honored in this way is love and love is the feeling of hope. Healing on any level begins with hope. For more research on the benefits of writing and journaling with cancer patients, please click here.