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Rx: Mandala Art

In a recent Create to Heal class, I used Mandala Art as a meditation and mindfulness exercise. 

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. These sacred geometric patterns represent wholeness and are often used as meditation tools, for personal expression and spiritual growth. Tibetan Buddhists refer to the mandala as “a matrix or model of a perfect universe” and “an integrated structure organized around a unifying center.” 

I like them because they command your attention in a positive way.

Mandalas can be found in nature – the Sun, the Moon, the Earth – and are also a reflection of our lives. We live in circles of communities, families, and friendships and are at the center of these circles, with our experiences revolving around us.

The patterns engage your creativity, and require your presence and attention to detail in a way that is very centering. The colors you pick can be playful, vibrant or subtle … it’s up to you and how you would like to express yourself in the moment.

As you become mindful of the patterns and the colors you choose, your over-active, thinking mind takes a break. The mandala below, by artist Justin Murray, was created specifically for the Create to Heal program and classes.