The Women with Wings Foundation


Rx meaning prescription. We "prescribe" creativity, meditation, music, visual art, color, humor, gratitude, compassion and more play ... all good medicine.

Rx: Inspirational Messaging

Creative writing, journaling, and poetry are at the core of any Create to Heal practice. I tell patients that putting pen to paper connects them to themselves in a powerful way. The physical act of picking their favorite colored pen or pencil, putting it to paper and scribbling away becomes a meditation that connects them to that place of limitless possibilities where creativity, wisdom and healing can occur.


Rx: Mandala Art

In a recent Create to Heal class, I used Mandala Art as a meditation and mindfulness exercise. 

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. These sacred geometric patterns represent wholeness and are often used as meditation tools, for personal expression and spiritual growth. Tibetan Buddhists refer to the mandala as “a matrix or model of a perfect universe” and “an integrated structure organized around a unifying center.” 

I like them because they command your attention in a positive way.