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Translated, Ebru means “cloud art.” This centuries-old art form, which originated in Japan and was further developed in Turkey, involves floating paint on thickened water, making patterns and designs using special tools and then placing paper, fabric or other materials on top of the water so that the image is permanently transferred. I love the vibrancy of the colors and the motion of the clouds and swirls; every combination is unique.

Each 5 x 7 inch card has its own colors, movement and vibe to it. The cards are printed on fine art paper with pigmented inks. Properly cared for, they will maintain their brilliance for generations.

Each box has 5 different cards plus envelopes. Please pick from the 6 different series or the set of 15.

Each box is $25, plus $2.50 shipping. The set of 15 is $75, plus $3.50 shipping.