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“Art engages the heart and soul. It also evokes great insight, clarity and healing.”

Patricia Varga, Founder of The Create to Heal Program

The Create to Heal Journey Book is a part of the overall program that inspires the healing process in cancer and chronic pain patients, and their families by using all forms of art, including guided meditation, music and the motion and color of art. The book is part journal, part workbook, and creative companion. Beautifully illustrated, easy to use with room for “scribbling and doodling,” Create to Heal provides patients the inspiration to imagine and visualize an optimum, positive outcome.

Our signature program now includes the book, the mindfulness app and training program that allow you to teach your own Create to Heal classes. The overall class experience is a roadmap and guide that takes the participant on a journey of creativity … the end result being insight, reduced stress and a sense of peace.

For more information on our Create to Heal Program and for pricing on bulk copies of the book, contact Patricia click here. A PDF of the Principles of The Create to Heal Practice is available here.