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pdf.png Meditation 1_Breath


This script is the first in a series of meditations offered on the Create to Heal mindfulness app; it begins by following your breath.

pdf.png Meditation 2_Heart


This script is the second meditation on the mindfulness app called Conversation with my Heart.

pdf.png Meditation 3_Creativity


This script is the third meditation on the app called Journey to your Universe; it helps you to unlock your creative and healing potential. 

pdf.png Meditation 4_Power


The Power to Heal script is the fourth and final meditation on the mobile app. This visualization encourages the participant to find and embrace their abilities to heal.

pdf.png Breath Prayer


A simple prayer for the beginning of any meditation.

pdf.png Body Awareness Meditation


This meditation was written by Dr. Mauro Zappaterra to reduce the experience of pain.