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Stress as we know has a major effect on the inflammation levels in the body and the weakening of the immune system, which leads to disease. One of the core benefits of The Foundation's Create To Heal classes and program, originally called Write to Heal, is stress reduction. We often receive the following patient feedback: "This class gives me great peace and joy. I am much calmer, more relaxed." We give patients the tools to continue their creative therapy and stress reduction at home, at work, wherever they are.

We have also witnessed the power of technology (ipods, ipads, tablets, smart phones) in patients' lives - they use their devices to "tune out" of the chemo process, while waiting for test results, and before and after surgery. The Create to Heal Mindfulness App brings the best of our guided meditations, music, art and animation directly to patients during these stressful circumstances, allowing them to relax, tune out and tune in to their creativity. The app, over time, will also have the ability to be used on televisions, which most hospitals have in-room.

Founder Patricia Varga started The Women with Wings Foundation to teach others, including health care professionals, our Create to Heal program. The mindfulness app is a part of the overall program and offers hospitals and cancer centers the opportunity to "white label" the app for patient use.  

Our first version of the Create to Heal app is available in Google Play for all Android devices and in Apple's iTunes App Store for iPhone 4, 5, and 6, and iPad and iPod Touch (iOS7.) For more information on licensing and / or white labeling our Create to Heal mindfulness app, please contact The Women with Wings Foundation at (626) 403-7575 or via email click hereTo view more on our Create to Heal programs, please click here. As of January, 2016, 12 hospitals and cancer centers are using the app with their patients. Synovation Medical Group, a pain management facility in Pasadena, CA is also using with their patients. For a complete list of Create to Heal affiliated partners, please click here.





Give your patients the power                                     to control their stress ... 

through our app's guided meditations, art, animation and music. As a health care professional, you can license and "brand" Create to Heal to enhance and complement your organization's approach to the healing process.

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