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Gems of Joy

Gems of Joy is an off-shoot from our Create to Heal program.  Working with clay, in this case, sculpey clay, gives the patient a way of working through stress, and while relaxing, a way of connecting with others in class. Over time, we developed a program that puts this molding of vibrant colors of clay to even greater use: patients in class make the gems by infusing them with Hope, Courage and Compassion for patients just diagnosed with cancer. The gems are then baked and placed in a large glass jar. The jar is used in infusion centers for those starting chemo. The patient is urged to take a gem and to hold on to it through their course of chemo. They are told that the gem was made by the loving hands of a cancer survivor, who wishes them all the best during their journey with cancer.

Once the patient "graduates" from chemo, they receive their Wings. Women can pick from an array of Wings earrings, offered in all colors, semi-precious gems and silver with wings; men receive a leather bracelet or surfer's necklace with wings.  We are developing "Wings Things" all the time for this program, so our offerings will include key chains, more jewelry plus small assemblage plaques.  All of these items are featured in our photo gallery on this page.

These items are offered to the infusion center at cost and include the Cancer Survivor's prayer for new patients:

Dear New Patient:

These little Gems of Joy were made by the loving hands of cancer survivors.   

They have been filled with strength, courage, positive energy, love and good wishes.  

Please take one to hold on to during your journey with cancer.

Your gem is a reminder that you are not alone, that others are with you, cheering you on.

We wish you all the best,

Patients from the Create to Heal class

Our Gems of Joy program is achieving very positive patient and nurse feedback at Glendale Adventist's Cancer Center and at GAMC's oncology unit.  We also use our Gems of Joy program in-room with patients too ill to attend class or out-patient infusion.  For more information, please contact The Women with Wings Foundation at (626) 403-7575 or via email click here