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Train the Trainer

Because integrative medicine and whole-patient care are now becoming more prevalent and sought after by patients, we offer The Create to Heal Train-the-Trainer program to hospitals, cancer and chronic pain centers and addiction clinics. The program encourages and empowers medical students, residents, nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers to use their natural instincts and listening abilities while tapping into the principles of The Create To Heal Program. The curriculum is based upon years of working with cancer and chronic pain patients, their families, pain management specialists, oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurses, chaplains, social workers, psychologists and hospital administrators.  

During these years, Founder Patricia Varga witnessed the power of creativity, how it helps people to heal during the health challenges they face. When people "communicate from the heart," they have the opportunity to their life and the lives of others. The goal of Train-the-trainer is to teach health care providers how to prevent burnout and extend compassionate, holistic care to themselves first, then to their patients and family members.

We often hear that sharing is the best part of the Create to Heal class or workshop. Sharing and listening are both acts of compassion and compassion leads to healing. Healing on any level begins with hope. Create to Heal also respects patients' and their families' religious and spiritual beliefs. These beliefs can have a great impact on one's ability to heal and can influence a patient's ultimate outcome.

By now, some form of Create to Heal has been experienced by thousands of people going through serious illness and disease, chronic pain fear and anxiety. The benefits and results to you the provider are several-fold:

First of all, the program is turnkey. We train your staff to build a healing arts and survivorship program. Create to Heal enhances your standing in the community as a leader in whole patient care.

Other benefits include:

Stress reduction: The overwhelming fear and anxiety of going through cancer, chronic pain or addiction can be drastically reduced through Create to Heal. Now patients are in an optimum mindset to receive treatment and to recover.

Sense of Community: Pain, cancer and addiction can be isolating experiences. Create to Heal offers a consistent and safe place for patients to communicate and express their feelings and emotions with others faced with similar challenges. Another benefit is an ongoing sense of community and belonging. Treatment is over, now what? Patients need a community to return to.

Empowerment: Creativity helps patients regain their sense of power during a time when they feel powerless. They become mindful, tuned in to what they are going through and participate in their healing process. Communication skills are improved, provider and family relationships are improved.

A Shift in Perspective and Outlook: Through the creative process, patients see the good in what they are going through … a positive attitude helps achieve a positive outcome.

The Create to Heal program is also a wonderful way to enhance compassionate care with staff members. Stress and burnout are ongoing topics in medicine. Our simple techniques can easily be integrated into a busy day, offering relief from a fast paced, intense environment. 

If you or your organization is interested in ourTrain-the-Trainer program, please contact The Women with Wings Foundation at (626) 403-7575 or via email click here