I recently attended a conference at The Chopra Center. While Deepak enlightened us about Super Genes and Healing Beyond Biology, others taught primordial sound meditation and the basics of Ayurvedic healing.

Because I use meditation and guided imagery in my Create to Heal classes, I found the primordial sound meditation very interesting. Here's the download: According to the Vedic (from the oldest holy texts of the Hindu religion) tradition, ancient sages were able to hear the vibrations of nature and the original sounds of the universe. Om, for example, is the most elemental sound representing infinite universal consciousness.

Meditation does not stop your thoughts, it quiets them and changes their intention. During primordial sound meditation, you concentrate on your mantra, like Om, returning to it every time your mind wanders. Mantra means "mind vehicle" or "mind instrument" - a useful tool to help you with stress and anxiety, and ultimately, disease and healing.

As you quiet your breath and still your mind by using your mantra, you are able to watch your thoughts as they go by; you are not engaging, but realizing they are like cars driving by.  Deepak says: "You are not your thoughts." So if anxiety and the surface chatter of your mind kick into high gear, use your primordial sound mantra to get below the surface to deeper waters where your energy is steady and calm. 

The simple sound of Om reverberates throughout your body, changing the discomfort to a peaceful feeling of warmth. That is the best way I can describe it. OHHMMMM. Say it aloud, feel it resonate. Research now indicates that meditation, regardless of type, awakens your creativity and helps you to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically.