Last Friday's creativity class at Glendale Adventist Cancer Services was devoted to a writing assignment and canvas piece entitled The Lotus Blossom.  As the writing and creativity blossomed, we saw that the images were of a garden, a garden of hope.

Here are some of the lovely words and poetry written by cancer patients and survivors:





Rebirth, rebirth, rebuild



Everyday is my birthday

I am reborn everyday.

Everyday is a new day.

I make a new start everyday.

Everyday, I put way the bad things that happened to

So I can move forward.

Everyday, I still face different fears.

But now, I can fight back.

Everyday I am reborn with something new

Enough to get me through the day.





God, give me strength

So that I can survive

Under your roof

Wherever you put me.


I should “BLOSSOM”

Like a lotus and lie with a touch 

Of your Feet in your lap.




By Guadalupe Mendoza


Your sky is my sky

Your skin is my skin

 I will be with you from 

The Beginning till the never

Ending Love


I want to see the blossom of 

Your eyes.  Your deepest eyes,

Like the Ocean reflected in




Now my heart knows.

I listen to a song,

I contemplate a flower,

I hope it never dies.