"Life can humble you in a way that also empowers and enriches you."  A Woman with Wings.

The following lovely passage is from one of my writing students, who continues her fight with breast cancer.  The assignment that day was to remember one of life's little moments that still remains vivid in memory.  Here is what the Divine Miss G wrote:

"I love being a woman.  And, I love those little moments I recall when my mother was making a dress for me.

'Try it on - see what length you would like it to be,' mother said.

I looked beautiful in that dress - the way the material draped my body and flowed around my figure.  I love that little moment even now, when  I am getting dressed and look at my Self in the mirror.

I can see how beautiful I am, bold with only one breast ... but with the same natural and sincere smile.

I never knew how important life's little moments would become for me."