This past Saturday October 10th, we joined each other in the ZOOM room for guided meditation and creative writing. One participant named Suzanne, took a creative writing prompt and wrote a magnificent piece called Becoming Me. The prompt was from my original Woman with Wings note cards: Stand in the light of who you are, no apologies.

Suzanne wrote: 

I am becoming. I will become ...

A true Me, an authentic Me, 

A Me that is safe and loved and free.

A Me not afraid. 

A me, bold and sassy, grabbing life by the handfuls,

Gobbling it down and asking for more.

A Me with beauty inside that wants to spring forth

In prose and art and love.

A Me, just as I am, that can stand UP

Toe to toe,

Eye to eye, and say here I AM

and not worry that someone like you CANCER is going

to cut me down.