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Create to Healâ„¢ 

is our signature program that works with patients and families in creative, compassionate and collaborative ways. The programs are based on the use of all forms of art, including what founder Varga calls "the art of scribbling and doodling," that allow the patient to "get out of their head and into their heart" where healing begins. Breaking the pain cycle - whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual pain, is key to the program's success.

Stress has a major effect on the inflammation levels in the body and the weakening of the immune system, which leads to disease. Dr. George Slavich, UCLA, tells us through his research that stress contributes to the 6 major diseases "that account for 75% of all medical costs or $2 trillion. These diseases ... Cancer, (Breast Cancer specifically,) Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Depression, and Obesity ... contribute to 7 out of 10 deaths in this country." Dr. George Slavich, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Psychiatry, UCLA.

For nearly a decade, Founder Patricia Varga has been teaching her special brand of creativity to cancer patients, domestic violence survivors and women in crisis and has witnessed the healing power of creativity. She uses music, guided meditation, art, color, creative writing techniques and other forms of art tools (clay, canvas, hand-made paper for example) to encourage the participant to "get out of their heads and into their hearts" where they can begin to heal. One of the core benefits of the Foundation's Create To Heal classes, originally called Write to Heal, is stress reduction. We often receive the following patient feedback: "This class gives me great peace and joy. I am much calmer, more relaxed." "The Create to Heal workshop is a mind-expanding experience that enables you to communicate with your inner-most being. The workshop relieves stress, brings joy and peace."

Mobile App Technology

We also give patients the tools to continue their creative therapy and stress reduction at home, at work, wherever they are. Please see more about the Create to Heal (TM) Mobile App by clicking here

For more information on bringing our Create to Heal Programs to your hospital, cancer services group or wellness center, please contact The Women with Wings Foundation at (626) 403-7575 or via email click here

We also teach others how to lead Create to Heal (TM) workshops through the Enlightened Listening course.