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Offer your clients an inner journey of personal empowerment, self-care and healing

Self-care and personal growth begin at your property and continue once your clients go home because you give them the tools to succeed. Complement the outer journey of rest, relaxation and pampering with the inner journey that takes clients to a creative, restorative place. Wellness also equates to inner peace, calm and self-awareness. Healing starts with the heart and focus on oneself, whether participating in guided meditation and visual imagery, the power of uplifting music, creative discoveries through writing and gratitude journaling, or transformational 1:1 sessions. Create to Heal classes and programs are offered on-site and also through Zoom. All forms of Create to Heal offer the Art of Living.

The goal of our Create to Heal products and services is to foster an inside-out approach to living one’s optimum health and quality of life. We can help with client communication and retention by customizing our journals, art cards, courses and classes to your brand. For more information on all of our creative tools, please visit our Tools page.

Benefits Include…





Offer your employees leadership training and tools for stress reduction and enhanced creativity.

The Create to Heal program and Leadership and Values training are also a wonderful way to advance employee education and retention. Our simple techniques can easily be integrated into a busy day, offering relief from a fast-paced, intense environment.
To further explore Values and Leadership, please take your free Personal Values Assessment. It takes 5 minutes and you will receive your personalized report directly from Barrett Values.

If you or your organization is interested in our self-care and empowerment  programs, please contact Patricia Varga at (626) 403-7575 or via email [email protected]. We are a vendor member of ISPA.

When prompted, please use the passcode: Varga_P1

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