A Course in Gratitude

“A gratitude practice builds a healthy environment in which to flourish.”

– Patricia Varga

In a 4-week course, we’ll explore the power of Gratitude, Grace and Compassion through Creativity and the Creative process, and distinguish how these practices are core to a joyful, fulfilled uncompromised life.

Gratitude, like the creative spirit, has the ability to change you. It gets you to tune in to what you love, to what inspires you, to shift your thoughts and perceptions, to befriend and embrace life, regardless of what you are going through. This befriending helps you to defuse any challenge before you. You begin to see things as they really are … and as a leader, seeing people and situations clearly and objectively leads to a balanced and informed approach to decision making. “I am mindful, flexible, agile”—this is your mantra.

Grace in leadership is feeling comfortable in one’s own skin—knowing yourself well. When you feel grace deeply, you can experience compassion for self and for others. When you reach this level of personal growth, you are giving back to generations of employees and offering a legacy of humanity.

Robert Emmons, PhD, Professor of Psychology at UC Davis tells us through his clinical studies that Gratitude is incredibly important to one’s health, lowering depression and increasing resilience to trauma. Grateful people achieve more, have positive relationships and emotional well-being overall.

Compassionate, Transformational Leaders lead from the heart. Their super powers include:

emotional well-being

Stress reduction


The Four Week Course


Gratitude is at the authentic core of our creativity. It is the pathway to experiencing the self-empowerment that motivates us on our journey to an empowered transformation.


Did you know that actively practicing gratitude increases neuron density and leads to greater emotional intelligence? We’ll dive into the science of gratitude and how to harness its power. We will also explore how to craft a gratitude practice that works for you.


If self-awareness is the hallmark of a great leader, grace is the embodiment of knowing your genuine, authentic, true self.

We learn and practice how to offer quiet confidence to attract, connect, and inspire others.


Effective leaders know that compassion begins with self and that that provides the ability to give enlightened listening to others. Authentic curiosity flows from this listening and opens the space to creative problem solving and enhanced collaborative relationships with others. Distinguishing mindfulness and core values provide a balanced approach to making choices.

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