A Conversation with My Heart

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Health

What is a conversation with your heart?

A knowing deep inside you. A feeling of trust, wisdom and insight. The result can be a poem of love, a word of encouragement, a gem of joy from one person to another. It’s a kindness, a smile of knowing – knowing what it is like to live with pain, discomfort or disease. 

I recently taught a Create to Heal class in Taos, NM and the participants wrote beautifully after experiencing the Conversation with your Heart visualization. Here are some inspirational gems from class:

Physical and mental, emotional pain cease as my heart is enshrouded with love, peace and the acceptance of reality.

My heart is filled with gratitude! despite the challenges of accepting my disease. This gratitude keeps away my fears and impatience.

I AM healing and believe in the power of my visualization – that I am not a victim, but embrace the daily lessons of practicing Patience, Compassion and Loving Kindness.

Time keeps coming up – how much time it takes to be here, to complete a life. How much time is there for me to love and look and see all the beauty around me? I am creating in the space of happiness and love, fulfillment – space with myself and my heart.

What does your heart have to tell you?