The word “survivor.”

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Wisdom

I wonder about the word “survivor.” Some hospitals and practitioners love the word, others hate the word. Others don’t really care … I do care because there are some negative connotations to the word survivor—”one who lives through affliction” and “unfortunate person.”

I have outlived or “survived” cancer and I certainly do NOT think of myself as an unfortunate person. None of the patients I’ve met over the last decade think of themselves that way. I looked up “thriver” and it is not yet recognized as a word … so let’s come up with our own words and phrases to accurately describe our strength, determination and positive attitude. The best way to overcome pessimism is with optimism!

Coming back to the phrase cancer wisdom. Every time I teach Create to Heal, I hear and feel some of the most wise and intelligent words and phrases—insights of joy, gratitude and compassion, insights of humanity that touch and change people’s lives. All of the people I have met living with cancer touch and change people’s lives.

So, are we change agents or changers? Touchers? Changers and touchers?

I do not know, but would certainly like to hear from you … how do you feel about being a “survivor?” And, you can be a survivor of anything: cancer, domestic violence, divorce, other diseases, broken bones, PTSD and on it goes … 

Is there a way to define what we have been through?

Thank you, Patricia 

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