Life has always been uncertain

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Wisdom

TODAY I am suggesting to you that life is not always a race to the finish, it’s not necessarily about more possessions and accolades.  And, it is certainly not about certainty. There will always be murky waters to swim through and smoke filled rooms to navigate. It is an understatement to say we find the world in uncertain times. Covid 19 is real, incredibly disruptive and devastating. However, life going forward can be different and possibly for the better. For example, in this time of crisis, I see people stepping up their graciousness. They are more respectful, generous, kind and compassionate. Neighbors checking in on each other … 

So what can you count on? Your creativity, your intuition, your instincts and of course your kindness and compassion … these are real power. During my years as a creativity coach working with domestic violence survivors, cancer and chronic pain patients along with their families and healthcare providers, I have witnessed the healing power of creativity, and how the creative process uncovers and enhances the finest of human qualities: gratitude grace compassion, courage and strength.

To me and the patients that I serve, creativity is a process of expansion and the emergence of new experiences. It is a mind-body intervention that helps break the stress and pain cycles. It is energy and information –– that turn your attention away from chronic pain, surgery, chemotherapy to something else. Through all forms of creativity, you can tune in, shift your experience of pain and hardship, befriend or embrace the difficulties before you and by doing so defuse the power these difficulties have over you

Tune In




This body of knowledge from the last decade of my life is called Create to Heal.