Healing is …

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Health

What is healing? Healing occurs on many levels. Part of it is being seen, being listened to, attended to, respected and honored. It is also taking time for self to be quiet and still, to connect with the Divine, to really listen to your body. Whatever we are not aware of, can not be healed. 

Is healing absence of disease? Getting the stitches out? Healing doesn’t always equate to a cure. In the oncology world, there is no cure for cancer … yet. No evidence of disease is all they can say. Many patients report that healing also occurs on an emotional and spiritual level. Healing can be experiencing the grace of God or an inner state of peace.

Healing is a state of being. 

As many cancer and chronic patients know, part of the healing process can be an agitated and worried state of being. But once you tune in to you, you can shift your perspective with your disease. Befriend cancer and chronic pain? Yes! Instead of doing battle, patients learn to live with their disease … quietly co-exist achieving a more centered place of being. A more peaceful place of being. 

An optimum attitude and place of healing? Many say absolutely, yes. Disease and pain have much to tell us … about ourselves, our families, our faith, courage and compassion. They are a chance to learn what is truly important.

What is healing to you?